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Current Ranking : 1 (Men's singles)
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D.O.B. Jan 18, 1989 (age 26)
Country   China
Height 1.89 m
Weight 79 kg
Handedness Right
Men's singles
Current Ranking 1
Highest Ranking 1
2015 Yonex All England Open MSF Chen Long vs Jan O Jorgensen
Publish on 08/03/2015    Views : 1590
2015 Yonex All England Open Men's singles Final Chen Long [CHN] vs Jan O Jorgensen [DEN] score : 15-21 21-17 21-15
2015 Yonex All England Open MSSF Chen Long vs Lin Dan
Publish on 07/03/2015    Views : 4002
2015 Yonex All England Open Men's singles Semi Final Chen Long [CHN] vs Lin Dan [CHN] score : 21-13 21-12
2015 Yonex All England Open MSR2 Chen Long vs Hsu Jen Hao
Publish on 05/03/2015    Views : 444
2015 Yonex All England Open Men's singles 2nd Round Chen Long [CHN] vs Hsu Jen Hao [TWN] score : 21-7 21-9
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Chen Long win All England title
Publish on 08/03/2015
World number one Chen Long hopes to emulate his legendary compatriot Lin Dan after regaining an All-England Open men's singles title which some doubted he could capture a second time.
Chen Long ousts Lin Dan to reach All England badminton final
Publish on 07/03/2015
World champion Chen Long scored one of the most notable wins of his career when he beat Olympic champion Lin Dan to reach the final of the All-England Open in ...
Chen Long snatches Chong Wei's number one position
Publish on 26/12/2014
China's world champion, Chen Long snatched the world number one badminton player's position in the Badminton World Federation (BWF) rankings from Datuk Lee Chong Wei.
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2013 Yonex Denmark Open
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2013 BWF World Championships
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2013 Yonex All England Open
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Chen Long (Chinese: 谌龙; born January 18, 1989 in Xiamen, Fujian) is a male badminton player from China.

Despite his recent success, Chen Long was clearly outclassed in the semifinal of the Malaysia Open 2011 by the world number 1 Lee Chong Wei. It took only 39 minutes to blow away the upcoming Chinese star with a score of 21-9 and 21-9. The demoralizing defeat was evident a week later when he was blown out in the second round of Korea Open 2011 by Kenichi Tago. His first individual title of the year came at the Thailand Open, where he beat experienced Korean player Lee Hyun-il in the final.

What the fans said?
david lee Posted 1 month ago
congratulation u won the all england 2015. u should hv won the rubber at 21-12 if not for something amiss with the hawkeye camera system. watch the camera image that gave ur opponent the point - the flight line of the shuttle shows the shot coming straight down the line but it was a cross court return that was the shot challenged. u still won because of the big margin; if u are neck to neck it might cost u the game.
patience tamba Posted 3 months ago
Hello dear, my name is miss patience i am so happy to read your please i will like us to know each other and to establish a strong me on and to enable me share my picture with you and for you to know me more in further communication.have a nice day. Thank yours lovely Miss patience
vivian williams Posted 5 months ago are you. Please dear contact me on email
vivian williams Posted 5 months ago
hello i like to be your friend if you fell the same
SHINING MAHARJAN Posted 5 months ago
what would u like u tell and guide young players
david lee Posted on 07/04/2014
U will come to learn that winning a game by using deceptive tactics is no less honorable than by relying on sheer physical proficiency. Use the most effective tactics to win. It reflects ur intelligence.
david lee Posted on 07/04/2014
U,ve lost to LCW twice in a row now. relying on ur physical strength alone is no good anymore. If u watch the match on TV, u will learn that u have placed many return shots to the centre and they rarely benefited u. In fact they were to the convenience of ur opponent who gain from them, actually. Unless at half court, ur body smashes and those within reach of ur opponent were also fruitless. Only those to the side lines or out of reach got u points. Do not exchange blows with LCW for he will be the first to switch placing the shot out of ur reach to win the point. And, u may want to know that nobody could win LCW in a slow pace game. Wish u luck in Spore.
Maciek Stasiłowicz Posted on 12/01/2014
Greetings from Poland
Diem Trinh Posted on 12/01/2014
Inthanon Ratchanok
LINH HOANG DIEU LE Posted on 12/01/2014
U're so great! 加油. Love and support u 4ever!
Kel Guillermo Posted on 21/10/2013
Congratulations Chen long
LINH HOANG DIEU LE Posted on 20/10/2013
yeah so great! Chen Long and China 加油,! I love u <3
ramzyqi qi Posted on 21/03/2013
JOSH BOKOTEI Posted on 20/03/2013
u are my idol
vwl rk Posted on 10/03/2013
wishes u tonight can beat lcw ..
Ong Jia Min Posted on 20/11/2012
Chen Long加油
Zeqi Mohammad Yasin Sandega Posted on 24/08/2012
i always like chen long style when he play...
Kewarin Chootrakool Posted on 06/08/2012
Congratulations to you!
Ranuka Thongpraiwan Posted on 04/08/2012
Hi Chen long ^^. I'm your fanclub from Thailand . I like your style of playing badminton.I'll cheer you ^o^
david lee Posted on 15/07/2012
Hi Chen Long, you must add deceptive shots in your style of play, like what Lee Chong Wei always does, otherwise you'll always remain in the shadows of LCW and Lin Dan.
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