Fu Haifeng   (Men's doubles partner : Cai Yun)
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Current Ranking : 9 (Men's doubles)
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D.O.B. Aug 23, 1983 (age 32)
Country   China
Height 1.83 m
Weight 70 kg
Handedness Left
Men's doubles
Partner Cai Yun
Current Ranking 9
Highest Ranking 1
2015 Yonex All England Open MDF Mathias/Carsten vs Fu/Zhang
Publish on 08/03/2015    Views : 433
2015 Yonex All England Open Men's doubles Final Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen [DEN] vs Fu Haifeng/Zhang Nan [CHN] score : 21-17 22-20
2014 Yonex-Sunrise Hong Kong Open MDR2 Mohammad/Hendra vs Fu/Zhang
Publish on 20/11/2014    Views : 1403
2014 Yonex-Sunrise Hong Kong Open Men's doubles 2nd Round Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan [INA] vs Fu Haifeng/Zhang Nan [CHN] score : 21-19 6-21 ...
2014 Yonex Denmark Open MDF Fu/Zhang vs Lee/Yoo
Publish on 19/10/2014    Views : 2505
2014 Yonex Denmark Open Men's doubles Final Fu Haifeng/Zhang Nan [CHN] vs Lee Yong Dae/Yoo Yeon Seong [KOR] score : 21-13 25-23
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Chinese badminton players Cai and Fu win gold medals in men's doubles
Publish on 06/08/2012
Chinese badminton players Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng beat their rivals 2-0 Sunday afternoon, and clinched gold medals in men's doubles in the Wembley Arena.
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2014 Australian Badminton Open
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2012 BWF Superseris Finals
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Fu Haifeng (Chinese: 傅海峰; pinyin: Fù Hǎifēng; Cantonese Yale: Fu6 Hoi2 Fung1) born August 23, 1983 in Jieyang, Guangdong, China) is a Chinese badminton player from the People's Republic of China.

Combining Fu Haifeng's impressive power with his regular partner Cai Yun's impressive speed, Cai and Fu have been one of the world's leading men's doubles teams since 2004.

What the fans said?
Efa Haifeng Posted 5 months ago
wo ai ni..
TAN LAY YEN Posted 6 months ago
傅海峰你在我心目中永遠是最棒的羽毛球明星😊你剛才在仁川亞運會的精彩比賽,真的是一流👍👍👍你和Cai Yun 是最完美的男雙組合,超級棒👍👍👍👏👏👏一流的球技,一流的體育精神👍👍👍我永遠支持你們😘加油!加油💪💪💪💛💙💜💚❤️
Efa Haifeng Posted 10 months ago
Tee Geok Leong Posted on 01/03/2014
Hi fu haifeng support u forever.
Efa Haifeng Posted on 25/08/2013
傅海峰,你怎么样? 我很感兴趣,当我在你13岁.. 你是我的偶像羽毛球.. 每当我感到非常有兴趣在你.. 虽然有一个新的艺术家,我喜欢, 但船员仍是一个给我... 你作为一个球迷,我非常爱你的权利......
Efa Haifeng Posted on 25/08/2013
hello..Fu Haifeng..this is ur fans,,my name is EfaHaifeng..
dhimas dhimas Posted on 25/06/2013
amazing and incredible for badminton player
Lay Yen Tan Posted on 22/06/2013
Yulia Ng Posted on 15/06/2013
always support Fu Haifeng no matter what
Huỳnh Gate Posted on 27/05/2013
The King of smash forehand :) Try to it! You are the Champion.
TAN LAY YEN Posted on 25/08/2012
B Y Posted on 29/05/2012
Must win Olympic GOLD !!! Pray for u and Cai Yun.
Great player like u and Cai Yun deserve to win!!
TAN LAY YEN Posted on 24/05/2012
傅海峰,你是我最喜欢的男双球员,希望你可以在奥运拿金牌 加油~ 加油~,你是最棒的!
lee sijie Posted on 22/11/2011
傅海峰,你是我最喜欢的男双球员。。。希望你可以把中国公开赛的冠军带回家 XD 期待你的好消息哦! 加油~
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