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Current Ranking : 4 (Women's singles)
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Minatsu Mitani stuns Wang Shixian in second round at Li Ning China Masters
Publish on 13/09/2012
Japan's talented female player Minatsu Mitani showed her remarkable craft on court and remained successful in securing her place in Women's Singles quarter-final after creating the biggest upset of the ...
World No. 3 Li Xuerui receives late Olympic entry at No. 4 Wang Shixian's expense
Publish on 11/07/2012
Li Xuerui has received a late call-up to the London Olympics after passing Chinese teammate Wang Shixian in the badminton world rankings.
Steely Saina wears down Shixian to enter semifinals
Publish on 16/06/2012
Faced with Saina Nehwal's continued persistence, the Chinese seem to be wilting. The 22-year-old world No. 5 yet again proved a thorn in China's flesh as she wore down former ...
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2014 Yonex All England Open WSF Wang Shixian vs Li Xuerui
Publish on 09/03/2014    Views : 1511
2014 Yonex All England Open Women's singles Final Wang Shixian [CHN] vs Li Xuerui [CHN] score : 21-19 21-18
2014 Yonex All England Open WSQF Wang Shixian vs Saina Nehwal
Publish on 07/03/2014    Views : 595
2014 Yonex All England Open Women's singles Quarter Final Wang Shixian [CHN] vs Saina Nehwal [IND] score : 21-17 21-10
2014 Maybank Malaysia Open WSF Li Xuerui vs Wang Shixian
Publish on 19/01/2014    Views : 1962
2014 Maybank Malaysia Open Women's singles Final Li Xuerui [CHN] vs Wang Shixian [CHN] score : 21-16 21-17
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2013 Yonex All England Open
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2013 Victor Korea Open
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2012 BWF Superseris Finals
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Wang Shixian (Chinese: 王适娴; born February 13, 1990 in Suzhou, Jiangsu) is a female badminton player from China, and currently the World's top ranked women's singles player.

What the fans said?
david lee Posted 30 days ago
Good! you r climbing back, but I could see in few recent games u still show signs of impatience when u arrived at match points in the rubbers, and run a loss of some points.
Ace Lai Posted 1 month ago
Congratulation,Win a Yonex All England 2014.
david lee Posted 5 months ago
U should hv won the title recently in Changchow. U were leading far ahead in the rubber, but your impatience brought u down instead. U must hv been exhausted too but u did not know your opponent was worst. I wonder if u saw that Li Xer Rui could not even move to return the shots u put to her a number of times, esp in the rubber. U put her out of breath and u should hv capitalized on that. What a waste.
david lee Posted 6 months ago
your accuracy in placing ur shots to the 4 corners were fantastic in your semifinal @ the French s/series yesterday. you made the newly crowned world champion puff and pant. should have continued to do so in the second set, but i think u were also out of breadth somewhat. need to train up your stamina further. best wishes.
Ratno Yudhistira Posted 10 months ago
Welcome Struggling In Badminton Championship Next
david lee Posted on 20/11/2012
It is true what goes up will come down, but some people do make a comeback. It takes determination and of course many many hard works. Many of those who have been playing with you and are familiar with yr style have caught up with u as they have learnt overcome it. You still have many years with yr age, so go work out something and get yourself back to yr glory days! You need to have oomph and perhaps change yr style to a more aggressive play. Best wishes!
Wahyu Saputra Posted on 21/09/2012
You're Beautiful
david lee Posted on 21/07/2012
Your playing style requires you to be deadly accurate, otherwise you'll lose by your own error. Thus, you have to have v good stamina, especially with many younger and v skillful players emerging to vie for the top places.
zhang xiao phang Posted on 28/05/2012
I will always support you
zhang xiao phang Posted on 28/05/2012
congratulations for your uber team for winning the trophy for the uber into so many times. China is the best team...
zhang xiao phang Posted on 28/05/2012
nuzair ibrahim Posted on 23/05/2012
Wang shixian you so beautiful,tall and also awesome.. gd luck sweetie..
wang shi xian wang shi xian Posted on 23/05/2012
love you u play for china in uber cuo???i don,t see you
Punnapat Lowanichchai Posted on 26/11/2011
Punnapat Lowanichchai Posted on 26/11/2011
Love u wang Shixian
Maisa Fathuhulla Ismail Posted on 29/07/2011 are an awesome player <3. Wish you all the best in the coming tournament!!
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Personal Information
Name Wang Shixian
D.O.B. Feb 13, 1990 (age 24)
Country   China
Height 1.68 m
Weight 60 kg
Handedness    Right
Women's singles
Highest Ranking    1
Current Ranking    4
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