Liliyana Natsir   (Mixed doubles partner : Tontowi Ahmad)
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Current Ranking : 2 (Mixed doubles)
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Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir secure Mixed Doubles title at India Open Super Series 2012
Publish on 30/04/2012
Indonesia's Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir continued their impressive performance as they secured Mixed Doubles title at the India Open Super Series 2012, which ended on Sunday, April 29, at ...
India Open 2012: Tontowi Ahmad, Liliyana Natsir prove their eligibility for the crown
Publish on 29/04/2012
Mixed Doubles event of Yonex Sunrise India open got its first finalist when the Indonesian pair Tontowi Ahmad-Liliyana Natsir showered their expertise against Lee Yong Dae-Ha Jung Eun in semi-final ...
Liliyana Natsir thinks all the top eight pairs stand an equal chance in London Olympics
Publish on 23/03/2012
The mixed doubles expert of Indonesia, Liliyana Natsir has stated that all the top eight pairs of the world stand an equal chance to win the crown in the London ...
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2014 Yonex All England Open XDF Tontowi/Liliyana vs Zhang/Zhao
Publish on 09/03/2014    Views : 3162
2014 Yonex All England Open Mixed doubles Final Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir [INA] vs Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei [CHN] score : 21-13 21-17
2014 Yonex All England Open XDSF Tontowi/Liliyana vs Ko/Kim
Publish on 08/03/2014    Views : 955
2014 Yonex All England Open Mixed doubles Semi Final Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir [INA] vs Ko Sung Hyun/Kim Ha Na [KOR] score : ...
2014 Yonex All England Open XDR2 Tontowi/Liliyana vs Chai/Tang
Publish on 06/03/2014    Views : 744
2014 Yonex All England Open Mixed doubles 2nd Round Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir [INA] vs Chai Biao/Tang Jinhua [CHN] score : 21-19 21-9
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2013 Yonex India Open
Images (27)  |  Views (5995)
2013 Yonex All England Open
Images (47)  |  Views (13759)
2012 Yonex Denmark Open
Images (61)  |  Views (25636)
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What the fans said?
wahyu wahyu Posted 7 months ago
trslh brjng n buatlah nm ina trknl di dunia
JOSH BOKOTEI Posted on 20/03/2013
gw suka bangat sama gaya looh dlm permainan
Mely Putri Posted on 14/11/2012
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putri hagalang sinta Posted on 09/11/2012
hai hello ato apa lah, gue ngefans sama lo
muhammad rusydan Posted on 18/10/2012
Siti Rohani Posted on 24/08/2012
Siapapun pasangannya, playmakernya pasti BUTET. ^^ Love BUTET. :) Indonesia's proud to have you. :*
Raisya Nasution Posted on 05/08/2012
semangat kak!!
Ziah Nur Aisyah Posted on 03/08/2012
Butet.. Indonesia bangga punya atlet sepertimu..
Rena Yuda Indrawati Posted on 24/06/2012
mbak liliyana semangaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat yah!
ernita evelyn Posted on 24/06/2012
tingkatkan prestasi dan raih rank 1 semangat kak! :)
immah primz Posted on 21/06/2012
kak butet sllu jd kbanggaan INDONESIA... smngat trus ya kak... we love you :)
morani angelica Posted on 21/06/2012
aaaaaaaaaarrggghhhh.... peringkat Butet kog turun sii..????????????????????
jevi gusty dhani Posted on 21/06/2012
aku seorang pemain bola,, aku sangt mengagumi kk butet.. tipe ak bgt.. hahha semgat truss y kk butet... keep spirit
Gaby rebecca Supardi Posted on 19/06/2012
You are my inspiration kak! I love you, i like your great game.
morani angelica Posted on 18/06/2012
BRAVO BUTET...!!!!!!!!!
Ulfah Paradinta Posted on 16/06/2012
I want you to be my sister :)
stevanus fardian Posted on 15/06/2012
Butet/Owi selalu berjaya !!
nova fauziah Posted on 09/06/2012
she is my idol :):):)
galuh fitria Posted on 20/05/2012
You are one of badminton athlete which you will get gold in olympic london !! Fighting !!
netty ika Posted on 02/05/2012
get the best achievement cos i'll always support u !!
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Personal Information
Name Liliyana Natsir
D.O.B. Sep 9, 1985 (age 29)
Country   Indonesia
Height 1.68 m
Handedness    Right
Mixed doubles
Partner Tontowi Ahmad
Highest Ranking    2
Current Ranking    2
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