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Current Ranking : 2 (Women's singles)
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Inthanon slays top seed
Publish on 24/11/2011
Thailands three-time world junior champion Inthanon Ratchanok created the biggest upset at the US$350,000 Li Ning China Open on Thursday, when she defeated top seed Wang Shixian in the second ...
Zulfadli and Inthanon make history
Publish on 08/11/2011
Malaysias Zulfadli Zulkifli and Thailands Inthanon Ratchanok, created history in the BWF World Junior Championships which ended in Taipei on Sunday.
World champion versus world champion
Publish on 22/10/2011
Two-time world junior champion Inthanon Ratchanok faces the daunting task of meeting world champion Wang Yihan on Saturday for a place in the final of the US$400,000 Yonex Denmark Open. The ...
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2014 Yonex All England Open WSSF Li Xuerui vs Inthanon Ratchanok
Publish on 08/03/2014    Views : 2241
2014 Yonex All England Open Women's singles Semi Final Li Xuerui [CHN] vs Inthanon Ratchanok [THA] score : 21-18 21-8
2014 Yonex All England Open WSR2 Inthanon Ratchanok vs Han Li
Publish on 06/03/2014    Views : 3017
2014 Yonex All England Open Women's singles 2nd Round Inthanon Ratchanok [THA] vs Han Li [CHN] score : 18-21 21-14 21-11
2014 Yonex All England Open WSR1 Inthanon Ratchanok vs Gu Juan
Publish on 05/03/2014    Views : 2974
2014 Yonex All England Open Women's singles 1st Round Inthanon Ratchanok [THA] vs Gu Juan [SGP] score : 20-22 21-15 21-18
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2013 BWF World Championships
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2013 Yonex India Open
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2013 Yonex All England Open
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What the fans said?
VISHWAS KARMARKAR Posted 5 months ago
Apart from high playing standards, you have brought a level of humility not seen in any other champion. 'Namaste' and best of luck!Vishwas.
Sinsak Mahattano Posted 8 months ago the winer
Chia Eric Posted 8 months ago
Congratulations!! a real champion with a smile when losing a point. my new heroine in badminton
peon harui Posted 8 months ago
congrats....good luck for the other game..=) don't give up if you lose..
Ratno Yudhistira Posted 10 months ago
Welcome Struggling In Badminton Championship Next
shark spirit Posted on 20/12/2012
Congrats Ratchanok !!! she reached her historical high in world ranking 6th. Hope to see her will continue doing the best in the coming year.
Hafiz Muhammad Zeeshan Posted on 01/12/2012
What a great ! Come on !
Supawit Amnatcharoenporn Posted on 04/10/2012
I cheer You. Fighting!!!
Dusit Darathai Posted on 12/09/2012
*** น้องเมย์เก่งมากๆ ผมติดตามเชียร์และดูการแข่งขันมานานแล้ว...มีข้อห่วงใยอยุ่ 3 เรื่อง คือ 1.ขณะแข่งขันไม่ควรหมุนรอบตัวเอง 360 องศา เพราะจะทำให้หลงทิศไปเลย ควรฝึกหมุนตัวแค่ 180 องศาก็พอ 2.อย่าตีหวังฆ่าเขาทีเดียว เพราะจะจะออกหรือติดเน็ทเสียเอง ควรตีแค่ให้คู่ต่อสู้เล่นยากรีเทอร์นลูกกลับมาไม่ค่อยดี เราจึงถือโอกาสซ้ำดาบสอง 3.ควรเล่นยกน้ำหนัก( weight trainig ) โดยยกดัมเบลที่น้ำหนักไม่มากนัก ยกถี่ๆ เร็วๆ เซ้ทละ 20 ครั้ง เล่นวันละประมาร 5 เซ้ทก็พอในระยะเริ่มแรก เมื่อแขนแข็งแรงพอจึงเพิ่มจำนวนเซ็ทขึ้นไปเรื่อยๆ จะทำให้แขนแข็งแรงและตบหนักขึ้น...เอาเรื่องนี้ไปคิดดูนะน้องเมย์...จะเชียร์น้องเมย์ต่อไปจนถึงวันที่ประสพชัยชนะสูงสุดนะจ๊ะ...
shark spirit Posted on 11/09/2012
น้องเมย์ สู้สู้ ^^
ohm n'may FC Posted on 10/09/2012
น้องเมย์สู้ๆ เป็นกำลังใจให้น้องเมย์นะครับ
Pongyoswee Kudo Posted on 02/09/2012
i like you --> May
Frasen Choy Posted on 04/08/2012
Intanon Ratchanok the most polite badminton players in the world. Win or lose she show her appreciation to her fans.She is on her way to be world champion. Right now she's still very young and lack power especially when being push to a third games she show sign of weakness. On every match she's on top of her form and play like she's Queen of the court in the first game. Good Luck Intanon. You will again win your 4th & 5th world junior title and futher Olympic champion for sure 100 %.
Attawan Bangpetch Posted on 28/06/2012
Amazing!!! She is young but good skill and strong I cheer her because I am a thai girl.
Aiw krazia Posted on 26/12/2011
Ratchanok....The Best^^"
Kok Koh Ping Posted on 16/11/2011
compelling reading... Her parents who are helpers/cleaners at Bangkok Badminton School placed her when she was young at one corner of the courts while they went about their tasks...can't imagine she would be a great player one day...
Full story..
Kok Koh Ping Posted on 08/11/2011
At such a young age she is already the 3-time world junior champion..She has the composure, the grace (see how she picks up a new shuttle from the match official, Thai-style!)) and the determination..delightful to watch her play.. she will go far at the senior level in time to come..Watch that name !!!!
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Personal Information
Name Inthanon Ratchanok
D.O.B. Feb 5, 1995 (age 19)
Country   Thailand
Height 1.65 m
Weight 55 kg
Handedness    Right
Women's singles
Highest Ranking    2
Current Ranking    2
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