How do you show your passion for Badminton?  
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How do you show your passion for Badminton? -By Cindy

I have been played badminton for a while. Join a badminton Club to play regular, to find a better badminton player to play with is an exciting thing for me. But do this thing is pretty normal then ever that everyone will do the same. One day, I was searching on the internet to see how people show their passion for Badminton? 

Then…I found something interesting to share with………..

l   Some people try to play badminton through their fingers— Smash Hits Badminton

I actually found this game is challenging. It simulates the real badminton games, you have to run to the right position and hit the shuttle at the right time.  Timing is really important for playing any sports and doing any things.

This game is well-developed and from their news, there will be lots of functions in the future. Even an App will be expected!

Blow is what this game looks like:

Smash Hits badminton.PNG

After a short process of registration, you can directly log-in and play. And the left hand side of the screen, you can choose at least three different Venue to play the game.

Smash Hits badminton-1.PNG

You can select the Venue and the game type as well.

Select Venue-2.PNG

Start the Badminton fire~

Smash Hits badminton-3.PNG 

lSome people also made an Apps called “3D Badminton”. This one is much easier than the first one. Your finger is just like the racquet. So, you just need to aim your fingers on the shuttle! It's too easy so not that challenging.

3D badminton.PNG3D badminton-2.PNG

  •        Some make Badminton eatable...
eatable badminton.PNG
  •       Some created a commercial...

  • Badminton+Wine+Beer =Friday night? ..... log in or register as a member to see more video below

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